Studio Guests: Alex Thomas and Alex Walker perform URU-ANA

Guests on Friday 22nd March are are musician/sound artist, Alex Thomas and writer/actor, Alex Walker, performing their piece URU-ANA live in the studio. Uru-Ana involves live and recorded music, spoken word, noise, poetry, sonic art, narrative, electro-acoustic soundscapes, improvisation and composed works.

A microphone suspended from a tripod swings like a pendulum above an amplifier. This produces a visceral, rhythmic feedback which coincides and collides with the simultaneous reading of a tongue-in-cheek pseudo-manifesto, at once ruminative and declamatory.
The text of ‘Recitation’ explores issues pertaining to communication via reading of the written word. As feedback pulses are manipulated using the tone, distortion, reverb and modulation controls of the amplifier, the constructed verbal ‘environment’ is affected by these external factors, while subjective re-interpretions of the discourse are suggested in its own content and delivery.

Alex Thomas and Alex Walker’s collaborations began in 2008 as they were both part of Theatre of the Absurd’s greatest ever DaDa show as staged at the Tate Modern and other venues. Uru-Ana has been broadcast on Resonance FM and XStream East Radio. Live shows at the George Tavern, the Foundry, the Shunt Vaults, the Southwaark Playhouse, the Courtyard Theatre, the King’s Head Theatre and Café OTO.

More info:

Additionally, there will be part two of the Janek Schaefer and Philip Jeck 2010 BBC Merseyside interview, in which the two artists select, play and discuss some records which have influenced their practice. More info here.




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