Guests: AAS performing live

Guests on Friday 22nd February will be aas. The group will perform a ritual live in the studio.


The letters AAS do not stand for anything: they should be pronounced as a word.

There is a core group of artists, but they are not AAS. One becomes part of AAS during a project.

AAS is a self-producing artwork, creating itself through performance fictions and collective consciousness.

Our work is future-orientated and is developed through symbolic activity, often drawing upon coincidence and chance as forms of divination. We aim to discover and produce new, alternate readings of reality that we encounter together.

We use familiar ritual structures and music to bring people to the appropriate state of mind, but these require no subscription to any prior belief structures. Participants share a communal sacrament that is both transient and eternal, based on immediate responses and an ongoing desire to commit to the future.


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