Guest broadcast: Carlo Patrão – “Plant Consciousness & Communication”

zepelim1This Friday’s Fractal Meat will feature a special programme from Portuguese artist Carlo Patrão on the theme of Plant Consciousness & Communication.

“This sound collage aims to explore the fringe world of plant consciousness and communication along with its peculiar relationship with music.  At some point in our lives, we’ve all come across the notion that music improves the growth of plants and that plants can grow stronger and healthier if we take some time out of our day to talk to them. 

“All of these popular notions came from experiments that took place at some point in the history of science, giving way to other fascinating experiments, stories, and myths, but above all, an impressive adventure in sound.  The collage features plant-based generative music, music to grow plants by, music using plants as instruments, music inspired by plants, and audio evidence of electrical signalling in plants that supports theories of plant consciousness.”

More info on Carlo Patrão and Zepelim here:



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